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● Max Thrust: 3000 N

● Low Noise

● Aluminum rod

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IPTT-SD Series Manual Lifters, compact amd powerful (3000N push), with 3-part lifting column up to 480mm stroke, are in robust design. Easy to mount and ideal for height adjustment in workbenches, workstations, desks and kitchens.
IPTT-SD Series Manual Lifters, are quiet different from IPTT-DD Series Electric Lifters for many aspects.
Manual or Electric - In this rapidly developing society, some people like to use electric products for convenience, while others prefer using manual ones in more traditional way. But this does not affect using, which all depends on your personal preference.
Load Push & Pull Capacity - For electric lifters, push/pull is 800N (equal to 80kg stuff and almost 176lbs); for manual lifters, push/pull can reach to 2000N (equal to 200kg stuff and almost 441lbs). If you have special load requirement, we will always recommend you with IPTT-SD.
Intallation Dimension - You can check detailed size in below documents or directly contact us, we will send outline dimension drawings to you.
Stroke Length - for IPTT-DD, we have IPTT-DD260, 310 and 360 (detailed outline dimensions please check below documents); for IPTT-SD, we produce IPTT-SD260, 285, 310 and 360. IPTT-DD series have DL and ZL for different sizes of panels; but for IPTT-DD, we have DL, ZL and SL. Please let us know your detailed intstallation dimensions before placing orders, we can recommend the most suitable products to you.
Over years we have been running, we have much experience in this field, provide customers with high quality and reliable goods. Our lab is equipped with professional inspection machines, every product will be strictly inspected and undergone a series of tests according to canonical operation specification and standard before delivery. For bulk orders, we supple discount, and can ship goods via many different delivery methods, as express, air cargo or sea transportation and etc.
If any question about installation or using, please don’t hesitate and contact us, our sales and engineer are always available for you.
Email: cassie@thehoodland.com or phone: +86 15726882369


● Color: Silver white
● Appropriate installation size
● Powder Coating
● Low Noise

Regular product Initial Height (mm) Final Height (mm) Stroke Length (mm) Static Bearing Capacity (N)
IPTT-SD260 260 540 280 3000
IPTT-SD310 310 710 400 3000
IPTT-SD360 360 840 480 3000
*Initial height is the height of upper to lower inro plate, not including handle box. Other specifications, sizes can be customized

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